Beginner Surf Lessons

We love beginners and teaching them to surf is our specialty because there is no other feeling in the world like catching your first wave.  Our goal at Learn To Surf is to proficiently teach you the basics of surfing and a beginner surf lesson consists of the following:

  1. Stretching- We are not just going to throw you out in the surf because the warm up stretch calms the nerves and gets the body ready for the movements associated with surfing.
  2. Sand Drills- Muscle memory is needed to surf and we will build that on sand in order to have you paddling and popping up before we go out to catch waves.
  3. Safety Brief- From teaching you to properly dismount your board to going over (and under) waves all the important safety measures will be clearly communicated to you.
  4. Your first wave- You wont be by yourself on this one as we will be able to get you surfing by stabilizing your board to ensure you stand up.
  5. Paddling- The techniques demonstrated and practiced on the sand will now be applied in the water.
  6. The “Turtle”- The most effective way to go over a big wave on a longboard.
  7. The Dismount- Knowing how to get off your board while riding a wave.
  8. How to turn
  9. Etiquette- Respect is huge out in the water when learning to surf.
  10. Catching a wave all by yourself- The ultimate goal of any first time surfer.