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The Outside Surf Lesson

I have taught countless surf lessons many of which start near shore in the white water reform area where the wave has already broke.  This method is great for the first time beginner who literally has never been surfing or has a low level of ability.  However surf lessons should eventually be able to be taught on what surfers call the outside.  The outside is where you will often see packs of surfers congregating on their surfboards sitting on them staring out to sea.  I can assure you their stares serve a purpose as they are reading the undulation of the ocean watching for patterns and sets of waves to form.  On small days a novice surfer can have an outside lesson because the waves have less power and are easier to stand up on as there is less drop making it easier to ride the wave.  The surf schools I have worked for never had anyone other than myself conduct an outside surf lesson due to the fact the surf instructors physically could not do the job and could not effectively communicate how to surf on the outside.  However when you read about surf schools that claim they are the best out there it is quite amusing to know they can only teach beginner surf lessons.  Furthermore when an instructor is not properly trained on water safety even if the lesson was supposed to take place near shore a first time surfer can be swept out to sea putting them in harms way.  I have personally witnessed this happened as other instructors failed to properly control the situation and they have had to defer to lifeguards to bring their clients back to shore.  My staff can all teach outside surf lessons…I have personally trained each one of them and there is a stamp of approval on each surf instructor that works for Learn to Surf.  We are all professional watermen that are above the age of 18 as I would not put any high school aged instructor in the water that would dictate the safety of a client and their family.  Nor would I hire an instructor that was too old to proficiently be able to swim, run, or paddle out of a situation that required someone of a more appropriate age to conduct an outside surf lesson.  Reputation is everything and here at Learn to Surf we can honestly assert we are the best and safest surf lesson in both Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.

Surf lesson in Newport Beach.
Surf lesson in Newport Beach.

Surf Memories Last Forever

One of the greatest feelings for us here at Learn to Surf is watching our client’s progression after you have taken a lesson with us. To see a client embrace the techniques and skill sets that we teach them and utilize them in the water is an awesome feeling as a surf instructor. With that in mind, please feel free to upload your own personal photos of you surfing or while at the beach onto our Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, or Trip Advisor accounts. Remember, your surf lesson does not end with you merely going home to tell the tale of your wave riding experience. Surfing is a life long journey that has no set end goal only a myriad of possibilities that will blossom as time goes on. New experiences that are derived from surfing can be anything from confidence boosting to a new more enjoyable way to exercise. The power of the ocean to bring people together to love a sport such as surfing is quite profound. I am lucky to be in the water everyday sharing my passion building a foundation for you to enjoy the sport that has brought me such joy. Learn to Surf is always here for you to create these great memories.

MikeOne of my proudest moments in the water was getting Mike into this head high set wave that rolled in…he made the drop and now has a memory that will last his entire life. I have also made a life long friend; given him the building blocks to be a waterman, and will be surfing with him again later this month.