Intermediate Surf Lessons

This surfer has been out in the water before and has a baseline ability in surfing.  They may have surfed in the past and are getting back into the sport or have only been able to catch waves intermittently over the years.  An intermediate surf lesson will build upon everything taught in a beginner surf lesson with these additions:

  1. Surfing on the outside- Most beginner surf lessons start in the white water reform close to shore.  An intermediate surfer will be able to surf on the “outside” or main surf break further out to sea.
  2. The bottom turn- One of the most crucial maneuvers in surfing.
  3. Trimming- Being able to build speed and make sections.
  4. The cross step- Putting a little style into substance because being able to walk up and down the board will make all your friends jealous.
  5. Advanced paddling- Maximizing paddle efficiency
  6. Reading waves- Being able to pick out set waves and understanding ocean patterns.