Best Surf Lessons Huntington Beach

Best Surf Lessons

Looking for the best surf lessons in Huntington Beach? You have come to the right place. Learn To Surf offers the best Surf Lessons with the best surf instructors. We have decades of experience, and after taking a surf lesson with us, you will see why so many people say that Learn to Surf offers the best surf lessons in Huntington Beach. While there is no physical activity quite like surfing, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your first lesson. Swimming can help build up your endurance for paddling in the water it also serves as an effective way to ensure you are comfortable in the ocean. It’s important to note that you should have basic swimming skills, but you do not have to be a professional because that is why we are here.

Best practices for your surf lesson

We don’t rush to paddle out in the ocean right off the bat due to the fact we prefer to start the lesson onshore first to develop the muscle memory needed for surfing.  A good stretch followed by some drills on the sand to build technique goes a long way before going out in the ocean. The whitewater, which is closer to shore where the waves have already broken, is a great place to learn. You want to get a feel for your surfboard and how to handle it, and our trainers are the best at teaching you close to shore before going out to the main surf break. Once you become comfortable with your surfboard and get the hang of popping up in the whitewater, then we will head out further in the ocean. Giving you the best surf lesson in Huntington Beach is what we are all about here at Learn to Surf.

Have fun with your surf lesson

Surfing is all about having fun. We want you to keep this in mind when you are out ridding waves.  Safety goes hand in hand with having a good time and we aim to proficiently teach you the proper safety techniques of surfing above all other things.  This will allow you to feel confident and ensure that you will be able to get up on your surfboard and control it in all situations. We will teach you basic concepts such as knowing how to position your body on a surfboard and how to dismount the board and properly fall. Once you are paddling out we teach basic board control and etiquette. You’ll get back to the lineup more quickly with an efficient paddle and be able to sit on your board confidently. This will maximize your time in the water ensuring that you have a fun, yet safe time while surfing.

Reading waves at your surf lesson

The ability to read waves and understand patterns in the ocean is an acquired skill that the professionals at Learn To Surf have mastered. Your surf instructor will always have you in the best place to catch a wave so you will have the highest chance to ride the wave.  After discussing reading waves and patterns in the ocean you will understand how to position your surfboard and catch waves by yourself.  When you take a surf lesson with Learn To Surf, we will make sure that you are comfortable before you go out. If you are going surfing at a spot you are unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to get some advice from local professionals like us. We check out the surf spot while we are warming up to insure that you will get the best surf lesson in Huntington Beach.