Learn To Surf is proud to operate in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and San Diego…These beaches are well known for putting out some of the best talent in the surfing world.  Southern California offers sunshine and favorable weather virtually everyday of the year and surfers take advantage of this on a daily basis.  The crew at Learn To Surf strives to ensure that whether you are surfing for you first time or are looking to refine a few techniques out in the water that each location is able to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our lessons are fashioned in a way that you are being taught from a curriculum that has been tested to meet the needs of a beginner, intermediate, and advanced surfer.  There is a definite formula when teaching the sport of surfing and our instructors undergo a vast array of training and testing.  They are also local experts in the cities in which they surf on a daily basis this ensures you have a local waterman that knows the tides, patterns, and conditions of the location at which you surf.  So whether you surf in Huntington, Newport, or Mission Beach our guys have you covered.

Can your surf instructor do this? Ours can…Nick Hastings another one of our professional surfers at Learn To Surf.