Our Surf Instructors

Jason MurchisonJason Murchison- Founder/Professional Waterman

Jason could swim before he could walk and was on his way to becoming a waterman at the ripe age of 6 months old. Salt Creek in Laguna Beach was where he rode his first waves and was determined to progress in the sport of surfing. A competitive swimming background as a child fostered an idea inside to not only surf, but also be proficient in the water. Jason took his knowledge of the ocean to a new level and decided to test his water skills at the University of Hawaii where he surfed spots ranging from Pipeline and Off the Wall on the North shore to Ala Moana Bowls and Kewalo’s on the south shore of Oahu. After graduation his thirst for travel, surfing, and water skills were not satisfied by purely riding waves so Jason enlisted in the US Navy to become a SEAL. He entered BUD/s class 287 and quickly learned advanced water survival skills and eventually passed Navy EOD dive school. After his time in the Navy, Jason continued to travel to surf spots in New Zealand, Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Florida. These days Jason isn’t solely surfing for himself, he is teaching others the proper techniques of surfing. Jason is getting just as much joy watching others learn and master this craft. In his rare free time he is busy studying law for the California Bar Examination, wrestling his pug, and playing basketball at 38th Street Park in Newport Beach.

Shane ThompsonShane Thompson-Lead Instructor/Soul Surfer

 Shane was born and raised in Costa Mesa and started surfing at 36th St. in Newport Beach when he was 8 years old. From the beginning, water safety has always been important and that’s why Shane experienced numerous summers with the Newport Beach Jr. Lifeguards. Since those early days, he has traveled all over the globe in search of great surf. Places such as Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, and Fiji and still has many more locations to visit! While earning his Bachelor’s degree in Music at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Shane got to surf one of the best wave riding spots in the world called Rincon any day that the swell was pumping. When Shane isn’t teaching lessons, he’s writing, rehearsing, producing, and recording music. You can also find him working at the legendary surf shop, Russell Surfboards in Newport Beach.

Graham Wade – Surf Instructor/Pro SurferCLoud nug

Graham is originally from Florida and learned to surf in Pensacola Beach, FL at age 10. After competing in NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) contests both regionally and nationally, he became a Billabong team rider and moved to Newport Beach, where he lives and surfs every day. Graham’s greatest joy is being in the ocean and feeling connected to nature; and the serenity surfing provides is an essential part of his life.

Nick Hastings- Surf Instructor/Pro Surfer/San Diego Lead Instructor

nick hastingsFew surfers out in Orange County and San Diego can boast they actually surf big waves, but that is exactly Nick’s claim to fame.  He can be found any time at our local big wave spot “The Wedge”, and when it is pumping here in Newport Beach he will be one of the few surfers out there consistently charging overhead waves.  He has also surfed the famous “Banzai Pipeline” of the North Shore of Oahu, which is the true barometer of any professional surfer and a proving ground to anyone in the sport.  Nick is a professional surfer that loves teaching people the craft of surfing as he is more passionate about imparting his knowledge of the ocean than anyone you will ever meet.  Nick is all about having a good time out in the water and will have you surfing your first wave before you know it.  Some people have hobbies, but all Nick wants to do is surf.

Joe Pelletier- Surf Instructor/Surfing Encyclopedia

Joe knows surfing…plain and simple. Just ask him any question that has to do with a surfboard, beach, technique, or the history of surfing and you are sure to get a detailed answer.  This type of knowledge did not just come about by study, but by practicing surfing at an early age and surrounding himself with legendary surfboard makers.  Joe is a sponge for surfing Joeknowledge and loves to share it with anyone that comes to take a surf lesson with him.  His passion for surfing is contagious because once you surf with him you will be hooked, talking about surfing, and wanting to surf everyday.  He is a super funny guy and his positive attitude will make even the most novice surfer feel comfortable out in the water.

 Travis- Surf Instructor/Local Newport Beach Chargertravis surfing

Travis is a talented Newport Beach surfer who also competes professionally as a skim boarder.  This multifaceted approach allows Travis to analyze the wave from a different perspective.  He has been surfing since the age of 6 and can be found out in the water in Orange County pushing his limits surfing waves from the “Wedge” to the pier at Huntington Beach.  He loves working with kids and his goal is to get you surfing on your own as quickly as possible.

Morgan- Surf Instructor/Artist


 Surfing is all about style and that is exactly what Morgan brings to the table for each of his surf lessons.  This guy is all about you looking good while surfing and will ensure that you have a great time.  Morgan is another Newport Beach local that spends a lot of time surfing the Wedge and when he isn’t surfing he has a brush in his hand painting or a line cast out in the water searching for fish.

Zane- Surf Instructor/Wildman


A unique name gives way to a unique surfer and Zane lives up to that hype.  He is another member of our crew that just loves to charge big waves at Newport Beach’s infamous “Wedge”.  Few surf instructors can actually live up to accomplishments Zane has been able to achieve in his short time on this earth.  When he is not surfing he can be found at our local mountains in the winter time snowboarding or on the streets of Newport Beach on his skateboard.