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Summer is coming…

The days are getting long, the water is warmer, and the best time of year is just around the corner…summer is coming.  That’s right everyone our favorite time of year is upon us and with summer comes some of the best time to surf in both Huntington Beach and Newport Beach.  Daylight savings affords us ample sunlight to do lessons well into the evening for those surfers that want to experience the sunset surf session.  Surfing during the “golden hour” is that magical time of day when the sun is coming down to set, yet there is still ample light out to catch a few waves.  It’s personally my favorite time of day to surf and enjoy the ocean.

Summer is one of those times to enjoy the beach at both ends of the spectrum because the early morning lessons are perfect to avoid some of the mid day crowds that come down to the beach.  Generally the conditions are the best in the morning because the wind hasn’t come up as much interfering with the integrity and shape of the wave.  Additionally you may want to plan to come to the beach a bit earlier to ensure you get a quality parking space.

At Learn To Surf we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to surf regardless of what time of day it is…so with that in mind we do accept same day appointments.  However to ensure a lesson we recommend that you book your surf lesson at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee that you will be able to surf with us.  Spots to take a surf lesson fill up really fast in the summer and we want to make sure we can accommodate everyone that comes down to the beach.  So give us a call to book a lesson or you can book with us online and it will give you real time availability.

We cannot wait to see you out in the water…

Aloha Nui Loa


Beware of Discount Group Surf Lessons

We all want the best deal out there when purchasing a product whether it be a car, new home, or surf lesson.  However there is the old adage that “you get what you pay for” and there is nothing worse than buying a cheap product.  Even worse is buying a dangerous product that could leave you or your loved one in harm’s way.  Surf lessons that have a student to instructor ratio of 4-1 or higher are something that all surfers and consumers should be weary of because of the issues of lack of safety and oversight.  The ocean is an unpredictable entity that even a seasoned waterman may have difficulty navigating at times.  If an instructor is by himself with an unproportionate amount of students it will be difficult to control the situation and thus will create a dangerous learning environment.  A lot of surf schools out there will claim they are the “best” or “safest” and have no real credentials to back that claim.  The best they can show is a weekend CPR certification that a handful of them have obtained.  These same schools also state they have small group lessons, but in reality it is not the case and they are unorganized group lessons where there are too many students per instructor.  I worked for 2 of the bigger surf schools in Orange County and today I saw my biggest nightmare out in the water…1 instructor and 6 high school aged kids going out to surf.  The instructor is one I have known personally and worked with for over a year and I know exactly why it was staffed the way it was…money.  The owner of the surf school wanted to maximize profit while only paying 1 instructor and in doing so showed how greedy, unethical, unsafe that surf school truly is…The instructor was more than capable of teaching 1 or 2 students at a time, but not 6.  In the end it is your safety out there in the water that is at stake and a price can not be put on that.

It’s not always good to follow the leader…

Become a Surf Instructor

Some people dream of being able to work everyday at the beach as they peer out their office window.  Here at Learn To Surf we are lucky enough to live that dream everyday as we have the honor of being surf instructors and stewards of the ocean.  Although we have a blast out in the water teaching people how to surf we take our jobs very seriously.  We are the real deal and have the highest level of safety training compared to any other surf school in Orange County.  Most schools hire seasonal people on Craigslist that are looking for summer jobs that have no qualifications or CPR/safety training.  Our standards are based off Navy SEAL/BUD/s training in which our founder went through and learned from the best watermen in the world.  So take a look at our link for surf instructor training and see if you have what it takes to be one of the best surf instructors in California.  Most of our candidates have a lifeguard/firefighting/EMT/or pro surfer background so we truly know how to keep you safe out in the ocean.  So when other “surf schools” say they are safe ask to see their credentials, ours are posted online because we practice what we preach…safety.  So if you are interested in becoming a surf instructor send us an email with your resume or give us a call and we will put you to the test.

Aloha Nui Loa!


New instructor and local charger Travis coming out with a beginner surfer.

Surfing in the Spring.

It is almost here people…and although the sun shines virtually 365 days a year in Huntington Beach the weather is getting nicer everyday.  Although we had an epic run of winter time swells here in Orange County there is nothing better than for winter to shed its icy embrace on our shores.  Spring break is an epic time to come visit both Huntington and Newport Beach in order to learn to surf.  The crowds are nowhere near as crazy as the summer time and the weather is perfect.  This ensures that your first time surfing will be an experience like no other because conditions are generally very favorable and the swell is at the perfect level to learn to surf.  So if you are in town for spring break be sure to stop by, jump on a board, and hit the waves with us.  If you are surfing with a group be sure to take advantage of our photo package in order to capture your memories and hashtag your way to Facebook and Instagram stardom by showing off your new surfing skills.  We really do give the best surf lessons in both Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, but don’t take our word for it go on Yelp and Trip Advisor to see what people say about the experience….



Happy Holidays From Learn To Surf

We at Learn To Surf just want to wish everyone out there a safe and happy holiday season.  This year just flew by and we are so lucky and honored to teach people how to surf on a daily basis.  We can’t wait for 2016 as we have a lot in store for the future and intend to expand our operations throughout Orange County to teach everyone the sport of surfing.  Come down and find out why we teach the best surf lesson out there and take advantage of our Go Pro video to document your experience…see you all out in the water!

Aloha Nui Loa.



What’s the Deal with El Nino?

Well ladies and gentlemen here we are in the month of December and water temps are still in the mid 60’s.  Is this coincidence with global warming?  Perhaps there is something causing this delightful weather that we are loving in winter…The answer is the kid has come to play this winter.  Yes the famed El Nino has returned to the shores of sunny Southern California.  El Nino in a nutshell can be characterized as an abnormal increase in warm water temperatures that are brought up from the equator.  To most people in Orange County El Nino is just a term associated with rain that will slow their morning commute.  However when this term is heard by a surfer it is a signal of excitement as perfect waves and warm water are looming in the future.

The last time Huntington Beach encountered a significant El Nino was during the winter of 1997 and this brought consistent surf to the region with perfect water temperatures.  Spots along the coast that were not known to produce a surfable wave were suddenly lighting up as hidden gems that could be surfed due to El Nino’s power.  The famed Newport Point in Newport Beach resembled Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu as it brought countless barrels for the winter.  1997 was a year that every surfer who was there to experience it will never forget…

Now here we are in 2015 the rumors have been spread and the forecast has been repeated that we are in for the mother of all El Nino’s.  Although the rain has not come the ocean temps are clearly warmer than last winter.  We are in the water everyday at Learn To Surf and have just begun to consistently wear wetsuits as this summer and fall were so warm due to the equatorial currents.  There is a buzz in Huntington Beach because the reports are in for the first week of December and big surf looks to be coming our way.

However for the beginner surfer or novice who is just getting back into the sport there is nothing to fear about El Nino.  We still do surf lessons everyday, but you wont be out surfing giant swells.  Rather we will keep you on the inside ridding reform waves.  Our surf instructors are experts at reading tides, swell patterns, and currents to make sure your experience at Learn To Surf is a safe one.  We hope you come down to share a truly once and a life time opportunity to surf during our El Nino as the water is rarely this warm in the winter.