Advanced Surf Lessons

Progression in surfing is what keeps the sport exciting and unique to all other activities in life.  The advanced surf lesson is for a surfer that wishes to take their surfing to the next level.  This lesson will suit someone that has either taken multiple surf lessons before or wants to go beyond the limitations of most surf schools.  An advanced surf lesson will build upon the foundation taught in both the beginner and intermediate lesson with the following additions:

  1. Riding set waves- Being able to ride bigger waves on the outside.
  2. Developing style- Advanced foot placement on the board goes a long way in being able to manipulate a surfboard to ride with style.
  3. Tricks- From the “cheater 5” to doing airs.
  4. Riding in the barrel- The ultimate feeling being inside a wave and having the ability to get out.
  5. Competition Strategy- Surfers that wish to take their skills to a contest format will learn wave riding strategy.
  6. Lineup Positioning- The crowds can get heavy on certain days and we want to show you techniques to catch more waves than other people out in the water.

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