Want to surf? Turn up the volume!

For a long time surfers were consistently taught that the length of ones surfboard was the most essential component on how difficult it was to surf. The shorter the board the more challenging it was perceived to ride a wave. Subsequently people bought bigger boards to make it easier for them to stand up on and learn to surf. However the trend in recent years has started to evolve to a shorter board that has more volume. Volume of a surfboard is determined by the length, width, and thickness of the board and then this number is used to determine the volume in liters the surfboard contains. Thus a surfboard with a large amount of volume will have a higher amount of flotation ratio in the board making it easier to paddle into waves and ultimately ride them.

When first learning to surf volume will be your most trusted friend out in the water because it allows you to paddle faster, stand up easier, and develop more confidence. Some surf schools use boards that do not have the appropriate amount of volume for first time surfers. A grown man using an 8 foot Costco bought soft top board will struggle compared to an elementary school aged child on the same board. However this strategy of putting everyone on the same board and have them try to learn to surf is exactly what the majority of surf schools employ. Others will put people on larger 10-foot surfboards that still do not have the volume needed to float a first time surfer because the width and thickness of the board is still lacking.

The thing we do differently here at Learn To Surf is we are all about the individual experience. We want to make sure we know your height, weight, age, and skill level so we can ascertain what surfboard is appropriate for you. We use custom made soft-top surfboards that have more volume than your average camp doing surf lessons. There are surfboards in our quiver that are only 7 feet long that still have more volume than a 10 foot board you will find at one of our competitors. Learn To Surf also has the “big boy” boards that are in the 10 foot range that are capable of floating a man close to 300 pounds. It is quite a discouraging experience to show up for a surf lesson and be put on the same board as a kid only to struggle and give up the sport. Our goal is to build muscle memory and confidence while you are experiencing your first surf lesson. That can only be done if you have the appropriate equipment that will allow you to paddle comfortably and keep you afloat. So come down and see why we give the best surf lessons in both Huntington Beach and Newport Beach there is no shortage of volume and smiles at Learn To Surf.

Every surfer needs volume to make their first lesson a success.
Every surfer needs volume to make their first lesson a success.

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